El antes y después en fotos del crecimiento de mascotas

Los perros crecen mucho más rápido de lo que te imaginas. Dependiendo de la raza los cachorros pueden alcanzar su tamaño completo entre 6 y 18 meses. A continuación mirá esta recopilación de fotos de distintos dueños que nos ilustra el crecimiento de sus mascotas.

Still Best Friends

Cute Malamute Puppy Turns Into A Giant Fury Beast

Fourteen Years Apart

It's Just Not The Same Anymore


The Day We Got Our Puppy And Eleven Years Later

Eleven Weeks Old, Eleven Months Old. Still Smiling In His Sleep

He Finally Grew Into His Ears

Past And Present Lily

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For? One Year Later

The Difference Two Years Make

One year apart

Brandy And I 14 Years Apart

Two Years Later. Chico Has Grown Too Fast

What A Difference A Year Has Made

Then And Now

Tyler And 15-year-old Zelda

Three Months Apart

Fiona And Shrek. Three Years Ago And Now

Six Months Apart

Tahoe Before And After...

This Guy, He Never Learns

Three Years Later, Same Happy Smile

Thirteen Years Of The Best Dog A Kid Could Ever Have

Doreen One Year ApartTwelve Years Apart

Forever A Snow Dog

Four Months Of Growth For An English Mastiff Puppy

Steve Has Grown Up To Be Such A Handsome Young Man

Years Apart

Sharing The Couch

Oscar, 6 Months Later

Three Years Apart

Thirteen Years Apart

13 Incredible Years With This Guy

One Year Apart. My Wolf Bear Cub Scarlet Has Grown

Beans One Year Later

Celebrating A Decade With This Old Pup

When You Buy A Puppy, You Never Think That One Day He Will Become A Beast :d

My Dog Thirteen Years Apart

My Girlfriend And Her First Dog Eleven Years Apart

Hipo, 7 Months And 30 Kilos Later

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